Saturday March 28, 2015

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Proposal 1 Will Cost Average Household Up to $525 a Year in Extra Taxes

If Proposal 1 passes, the average household would face up to $525 a year in new taxes, according to an analysis by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. … more

  The president of the largest teachers union is trying to get a $2 billion tax hike approved by saying the budget has been cut to the bone. Actually, it’s increased by nearly $5 billion in the past three years. … more

Good Bye to Dirty Harry?

Senator Harry Reid won’t seek re-election Click Here for Story

Will Obama Admin Apologize for Bergdhal Swap?

Image result for obama and bergdahl  Families of soldiers killed looking for deserter deserve apology Click Here for Details


Image result for harry reid and chuck schumerReid Wants Schumer to become next Dem leader? Click Here for Details

FBI Stops Terror Plot on Base

  Military base was target of Islamic Terrorists Click Here for Story

Spring Wave

unaccompanied minors Thousands of children crossing the border again Click Here for Details

Even The Left Knows…

NBC says Iran deal is bad and lets Iran flex muscles Click Here for Story and Video

Pilot Should Not Have Been Flying

Image: Prosecutors: Evidence Germanwings Co-Pilot Hid Illness    German Wings pilot did not give doctor’s note to airline Click Here for Details

 Obama Threatens Allies?

Those who disagree with Obama’s Iran Nuke deal get targeted Click Here for Story

Just Gets Better Every Day…

Image result for hillary emails  More details on Hillary’s missing emails Click Here for Details

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