Saturday March 31, 2018

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GOP Better Get Cracking

2018 could go wrong if the GOP doesn’t get back to fulfilling campaign promises Click Here for Story

State Corporate Welfare Winner Released from Prison 

 The man who embarrassed state corporate welfare czars in 2010 — and Gov. Jennifer Granholm, too — by winning a $9.1 million deal from the Michigan Economic Growth Authority while on parole for embezzlement has again been released from prison. He was freed on parole Tuesday. … more

Who Tried to Stop The Kennedy Scandal Film?

‘Powerful people’ tried to stop Chappaquiddick film about Ted Kennedy Powerful folks tried to derail the Chappaquiddick film Click Here for Story

Democrats Problems in the Senate

Short on resources means big decisions on who to save? Click Here for Details

Palestinian Protests

Riots and violence back in the news Click Here for Story

Listen to Your Sheriffs?

380 Sheriffs tell Congress to secure the border Click Here for Details

Did He or Didn’t He?

Did the Pope say there is no hell? Click Here for Story

Tit for Tat

Russia expels US diplomats in retaliation for US expulsions Click Here for Details

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