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Biden Quiet on UnMasking

On the list of unmaskers, pressure builds on Joe Biden Click Here for Story

The Tighter the Grip the More You Lose

Whitmer Losing Control as Michiganders are done with lock down Click Here for Story

Locked-Down Gym Owner To Governor: ‘We Are Not Just Businesses, We Are People’

She doesn’t want to break the law but does want government transparency

More Corona Fake Death Count

Man dies of alcohol poisoning and is counted as Covid death Click Here for Story

Gov. Whitmer’s Latest Plan Lacks Detail

The public remains mostly in the dark

Women Increasing GOP Presence

GOP sees groundswell of women running in House races

More women running for office as Republicans Click Here for Details

Whitmer Frequent Fodder For National Conservative Humor Site 

Lampooned seven times during epidemic by Babylon Bee

Biden Struggling

Gaffes or declining mental ability? Click Here for Story

Space Force!

United States Space Force presents its flag Click Here for Details and Video

UnConsitutional Judge

DOJ needs to fight for the rule of law and force Judge Sullivan to obey the law Click Here for Details

Protests Grow

Americans rebelling against draconian Democrat lock downs Click Here for Story

Space Experiment

astronauts touching X37B

US Space plane taking experiments to orbit Click Here for Details

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