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Transparency Cometh

 POTUS orders intel community to declassify origins of Russian collusion investigation Click Here for Details

Crazy Dems

Stupid behavior by Democrats may well help with Trump Re-Election Click Here for Story

If You Seek a Pleasant Road Funding Plan, Look About You

Lawmakers can spend more on roads without a tax hike

Twitter Libs Go Crazy

Gays for Trump T-shirts trigger the liberals Click Here for Details

Senate Dems Know…

Tell House Dems impeachment talk can cost Democrats in 2020 Click Here for Details

May Day

PM Theresa May resigns in the UK Click Here for Details

Say It Ain’t So Joe?

Image result for joe biden   Joe Biden involved in early Russian probe? Click Here for Story

Nadler Not So Healthy

Rep Nadler appears to pass out at event Click Here for Story

California Health Fraud

Taxpayers ripped off to pay for illegals healthcare Click Here for Details

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