Saturday May 26, 2018


POTUS welcomes North Korea overture after Summit is canceled Click Here for Details and Video

Oh No Ozone?

14 counties get air quality warnings warnings Click Here for Story

The Michigan Politicians Who Approved $6 Billion In Business Subsidies

Democratic and Republican lawmakers have approved handing out $16 billion in cash subsidies to businesses since 2001. … more

Democrats Root Against USA

Why are Democrats joyous over possible failure in North Korea peace negotiations? Click Here for Details

Millions In Taxpayer Money For Pontiac Theater And Little To Show 

 The Strand Theatre in Pontiac has benefited from millions in government subsidies but doesn’t appear to have reached the benefits projected for the taxpayers’ dollars. … more

Your Tax Dollars Paying for Special Interests

Congress, OPM expose gross abuse of ‘taxpayer funded union time within the federal government’Civil Service unions spending your tax money on union business Click Here for Details

GOP Immigration Plans…Or Lack of Them?

GOP goes on break without immigration solution Click Here for Story and Video

Oh Harvey

 Harvey Weinstein surrenders to handcuffs Click Here for Story

Time for New Digs?

Julian Assange may have to leave Ecuadorian Embassy Click Here for Details and Video



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