Saturday May 5, 2018

Cinco De Mayo

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Set back for Mueller Witchhunt

Judge presses DOJ on charging Manafort when there is no relation to Russian Collusion Click Here for Story

Derby Day

Southern Couple brings Kentucky Derby tradition to Michigan Click Here for Story

Negotiating From Strength

POTUS says no troop withdrawal from South Korea Click Here for Details

Finally Getting ItAfter unemployment hits 18-year low, MSNBC analyst says Trump could win re-election by ‘landslide’

MSNBC pundit says historic low unemployment could get Trump re-elected bigly? Click Here for Details

Michigan Doesn’t Fit Profile for Teacher Walkouts

A glimpse through recent headlines may make you wonder whether a rash of teacher walkouts will reach the Great Lakes State. If the walkouts were driven by poor student achievement, Michigan would have one of the strongest cases to join the fray. … more

The Trump Economy

More historic employment for Hispanic community Click Here for Story

Import 3rd World Become 3rd World

London fighting crime epidemic Click Here for Details

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