Saturday May 9, 2020 The DailyDrift.Com

Able to Speak Freely?

Senator Graham says General Flynn can testify Click Here for Story

The Latest on Michigan Covid Crisis

New rules from Whitmer as lock down extended again Click Here for Details

COVID-19 and the Word ‘All’

Both health and economic conditions make clear that we need to move to the next phase

Michigan Residents Now Ordered To Stay Home 66 Days

Barack’s Growing Problem

Did he know? Did he order? Problems ahead for former President Click Here for Details

Long Recovery?

Oil communities face prospect of years-long recovery

Oil communities may have a long road to recover after Pandemic Click Here for Story

The Covid Unemployment Crisis

Lockdowns have put unemployment to record levels Click Here for Details

More Shoes to Drop?

Senator Grassley says there’s more to come after dropping charges on Flynn Click Here for Story

China Threats

China's military shows off their latest missiles during the National Day parade celebrating 60 years of communist rule on October 1, 2009 in Beijing. As the year and first decade of the 21st century comes to an end and China's diplomatic and economic power rises, the West seems to have …China looking to add more nuclear weapons Click Here for Details

Fresh Air and a Good Cleaning

If confirmed Ratcliffe will clean up the coup corruption? Click Here for Story

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