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Import 3rd World Become 3rd World

 Usman Khan , 28, can be seen on the ground with a knife nearby on London Bridge   London hit with another terror attack by Islamic Jihadist  Click Here for Story

Democrats Are Afraid of the Horowitz Report

Already spinning that the IG is wasting time on Obama’s DOJ instead of Trump’s DOJ Click Here for Details

Best 1st Lady Ever

Melania shows how to deal with adversity with stunning class Click Here for Story

More Patriots in Hong Kong Than the Democrat Party?

Hong Kong protesters show love of America Click Here for Details

Rep Ilhan Omar a Spy?

Ilhan Omar accused of spying for Qatar, information passed to IranMore trouble ahead for Congresswoman Ilhan Omar after testimony in Florida court? Click Here for Details

The Real Threat DC is Ignoring

Federal debt is the real threat to America Click Here for Details

What Is He Thinking?

Georgia Governor’s pick for Senate replacement Click Here for Story And Here for More Info

Lies of the Left

Calling POTUS racist is just a flat out lie Click Here for Details

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