Saturday September 1, 2018

Not Patriotic

Upcoming movie ‘First Man’ sparks controversy by omitting American Flag planting from moon landingMovie omits planting of US flag on the moon Click Here for Story

‘Wild West’ Of Charter School Expansion Never Happened

Unionized public school interests said a reform passed in 2011 would produce chaos

Spending Interests Want Spending 

Yet spending interests won’t say where the money should come from

Sitting with Hate?

Bill Clinton sits with Louis Farrakhan at funeral? Click Here for Details and Video

Hypocrite Media

Media and Left love McCain now but not in 2008 election Click Here for Story

The Biggest? …or Nothing Burger?

Robert MuellerMedia hypes alleged Mueller drop Click Here for Details

Listen to the Expert

  Walls do work Click Here for Story

Democrats Threaten Immigration Officials

More disgusting behavior from the Democrat party Click Here for Details 

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