Saturday September 19, 2015

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Menards Set to Open in A2

Image result for menards logo  The opening of the Ann Arbor location of Menards is finally arriving Click Here for Details

No Transparency

US won’t reveal how many Americans were killed by Iran Click Here for Story


Side Effects – From David Zucker

The Lies of Socialism

  Media finds ways to call a duck something else Click Here for Details link contributed by Pgh Expat

Economic Freedom of the World Index: America’s Worrisome Decline

By MICHAEL D. LAFAIVE | 9/18/2015

The “Economic Freedom of the World Index” published by the Fraser Institute of Canada measures the degree to which the world’s 157 nations and territories permit voluntary, peaceful economic exchanges between their own citizens and with people in other countries. The most recent index has just been released, and based on data from 2013, it ranks the United States 16th in economic freedom. … more

A Message to Pope Francis

 Take your climate scam elsewhere Click Here for Detail

US- Russia Military Talks

Ashton Carter restarts talks between militaries Click Here for Details

Hillary the Hypocrite

Image result for obama in muslim garb\    Calls out Trump for not denouncing someone else while her own 2008 campaign did the same thing Click Here for Story

Clock Boy to the White House

AP TEXAS MUSLIM STUDENT-CLOCK A USA TX  Boy suspended for building clock resembling IED gets invitation to White House Click Here for Details

Pope Leftist the First

Image result for pope francis and sickle and hammer  GOP members may skip Pope’s speech on the scam of Climate Change Click Here for Details

Dems Need New Voters

Having thrown their traditional voters aside Democrats and Obama look to fast track immigrants to become voting citizens Click Here for Story


Image result for barack drinking beer  Will Muslim refugees detract from Germany’s fall festival? Click Here for Details

Senate Dems Block Vote to Free US Hostages in Iran

Not on the side of America Click Here for Story

Thousands of Jihadis in UK

Image result for jihadis in uk  Intel report says Great Britain is now home to thousands of Jihadist militants Click Here for Details

Grow a Pair

Image result for mcconnell  House GOP tells McConnell to use nuclear option on Iran deal Click Here for Story

Disempowering the Military

U.S. Army Special Forces (photo: Department of Defense) Special Forces enraged over Obama Admin rules of engagement Click Here for Details link contributed by Pgh Expat


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