Sunday August 18, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Domestic Terrorists: This IS Antifa

An organized violent group that should be labeeled as Domestic Terrorists Click Here for Story and Video

Michigan Opioid Crisis

Advance file photo of narcotic pain medication semi-synthetic opioid.   Too many perscriptions for Michiganders Click Here for Story

Let Corporate Handouts Expire

Roads are a better use of the public purse than business subsidies

Just SO Wrong

Philadelphia protesters support criminal who shot at police Click Here for Story

A DTE Push Poll? Utility Cagey About Ratepayer Survey

Refusing to release questions could allow cherry-picking responses for misleading PR

Hong Kong Protests Gather Strength

Will China crack down? Click Here for Story

Democrats GO Even Farther with Anti-Semitism

Omar and Tlaib are now the face of the Democrat part and push for more anti-Semitism Click Here for Details


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