Sunday July 26, 2015

If you missed yesterday’s Drift Radio Show catch it now on podcast by clicking the Common Sense Radio tab above. Catch an Epic rant by show host Gary Wellings!

Community Action

Ypsilanti community comes together to take on gang violence Click Here for Details

Labor Reform Not a Death Knell for Legislators After All

Despite threats that it would cost them their jobs, not a single state representative or senator who voted for right-to-work lost in the general election and the Republican governor, Rick Snyder won re-election.  … more

Does a Bi-Partisan Congress Have Guts to Say NO to Obama?

Iran nuke deal is no good for America but will Congress stop Obama’s Treaty? Click Here for Details and Video

Grassroots Against the Establishment

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) (Image source: Andrew Burton/Getty Images)    Can Ted Cruz get the country’s support against special interests in Washington? Click Here for Details

Fail the TPP?

Can the left and Right find common ground to stop TPP trade agreement? Click Here for Story

The Truth Can Get YOU Jail Time?

Image via    CA Attorney General wants to investigate the journalists who exposed Planned Parenthood’s aborted baby parts scam Click Here for Details

Run Joe Run

   Should VP Biden throw hat in the ring as Hillary scandals continue Click Here for Story and Video

Here’s Who Obama Cut a Deal With

Iranian Ayatollah tweets suicide pic of our President?  Click Here for Details

Close the Friggin Door

Too much immigration (illegal  AND legal) too fast is kiling America Click Here for Story and Video

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