Sunday June 30, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

POTUS Reaches Out to North Korea

Image result for trump and kim jong un   Invites Kim Jung Un to meeting then meets him at DMZ Click Here for Story

Mexico Working Harder Than Democrats

Mexican President offering 40 thousand jobs to immigrants Click Here for Details

The Trump Plan Working?

POTUS Deal with Mexico seems to be helping stop the huge flow of illegal immigration Click Here for Story

Coal And Nuclear Out At Consumers, Wind And Solar In

Intermittent sources make electric outages more likely? ‘Get used to it’

Hating America

Another Anti-American Judge tries to stop POTUS from building the wall Click Here for Details

Too Late Hickenlooper

Dem candidate worries Democrats will be labeled socialists? Click Here for Story

Second Class

Swedish Youth face housing shortage as immigrants get priority Click Here for Details

Biased Academia

College and Universities pushing liberalism Click Here for Story

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