Sunday March 25, 2018

The Long Slow Collapse

 Mueller’s collusion investigation is dissolving Click Here for Details


Children being used to tear down the 2nd Amendment? Click Here for Story

Four Years After Its Debunking, Union Still Promotes ‘Snyder Cut Schools’ Myth

 The Michigan Education Association has clung to its claim that school funding was cut by a billion dollars despite its widespread debunking by numerous organizations. … more

What Michigan Government Lacks in Transparency 

 It is a travesty that state officials refuse to disclose to Michigan residents which companies are collecting how much of literally billions of state tax dollars in business subsidy payments.  … more


Anti-gun David Hogg complains clear backpacks at school infringe on students’ constitutional rightsDavid Hogg shows the ultimate in hypocrisy Click Here for Story

All About John

What you need to know about John Bolton?  Click Here for Details

Russia Arming the Taliban?

Strange bedfellows but it shows Russia is not working for peace Click Here for Details

March Against Your Rights

Media, Libs and Hollywood organize to strip America of its 2nd amendment Click Here for Story

Yea They Really Care…?

March for Our Lives TrashLib protests trash the right and the streets Click Here for Details

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