Sunday May 28, 2017

Thank You Rex

Secretary Tillerson says not to Ramadan dinner Click Here for Details

Overseas Home Run

Trump overseas trip a home run Click Here for Story

Teacher Wears Pizza Uniform From Second Job To Protest Pay

 Ann Arbor Public Schools teacher Jeff Kass came to the district’s board meeting May 24 dressed in the uniform he wears while working a second job at a pizza restaurant. Kass makes $83,000 a year. … more

UK Horror

Report reveals number of jihadists in UK — and the total is horrifyingHow many jihadists in in UK Click Here for Story

Dems and Pedophiles

 Top New York Democrat arrested on pedophile charges Click Here for Details

Throw Them Out

 Trump says its time to get rid of MS-13 gang members Click Here for Story

The Promise of Coal

Dem Senator says Coal is being slandered by libs and media? Click Here for Story

From the Science Side…

Cancer defense: Scientists create designer viruses that send ‘killer cells’ to fight tumorNewest weapon against cancer Click Here for Details

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