Sunday May 6, 2018

Another Defeat for Mueller

2nd Fed judge gives defeat to Mueller witch hunt Click Here for Story

Teachers Union Here Eager To Align With Strikes; Higher Funding Makes It Tough

Michigan’s largest teachers union is calling for statewide “walk-ins” on May 9, with employees gathering outside before the school day begins and entering school buildings together in a show of unity around union claims of school underfunding. … more

Lying Comey

House releases unredacted Russia report — and it catches James Comey square in a lie on Mike FlynnJames Comey caught in another big lie about the Gen. Flynn case Click Here for Story

Manufacturing a Crime?

Muller is charging for anything to get people to turn on POTUS Click Here for Story and Video

Never Trumper to the End

John McCainSenator McCain plans funeral doesn’t want the President to attend Click Here for Details

Its Working!

Even PBS now admitting the Trump Tax plan is working Click Here for Story

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