Sunday November 3, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

The Phoniest

Image result for beto sad As Beto drops out crowd instruction fliers are discovered Click Here for Story

The Student Debt Problem is Widely Misunderstood – Here Are Some Solutions

Student loan debt is around $1.5 trillion

Polls Don’t Support Impeachment

Will Democrats pay the price in 2020? Click Here for Details

Attacking Democracy

Democrat attempts to over throw the 2016 election is an attack on our Republic Click Here for Story

The Duh Moment

Image result for stupid nancy pelosi  Nancy Pelosi finally realizes the Dem candidates are too far left? Click Here for Details

Krugman So Wrong…Like Most Democrats

Predicted global recession because of Trump election… but its not happening Click Here for Details

Quid Pro Joe

Image result for joe and hunter biden photo  Guess who Joe Biden’s son is working for now? Click Here for Story

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