Sunday October 12, 2014

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U of M Wins!

Beaks losing streak with win against Penn State Click Here for Story

Cars for A Cure

Auto show helps find a cure for Breast cancer Click Here for Details

Photo-Cop Camera Advocates Shift To Speeding

Another bill introduced to ticket drivers

Legislators have come back again with another attempt to install automated traffic enforcement cameras in Michigan to dole out tickets. … more

Asking US Back

Photo - An Iraqi federal policeman stands guard as his colleague searches a car at a checkpoint in Baghdad, Iraq, Saturday. On the western edge of Iraq's capital, Islamic State group militants battle government forces and exchange mortar fire, only adding to the sense of siege in Baghdad despite airstrikes by a U.S.-led coalition. Military experts say the Sunni militants, won't be able to fight through both government forces and Shiite militias now massed around the capital, It does, however, put them in a position to wreak havoc in Iraq's biggest city, with its suicide attacks and other assaults. (AP Photo/Karim Kadim)     Iraq now wants US troops to help against ISIS Click Here for Details

Here It Goes

     1st Texas Ebola case for those that contacted Duncan Click Here for Story

Regulatory Hit List

5 regulations that GOP would like to target for elimination Click Here for Details

Not Doing Enough?

kurdish grandmother kobane



Kurds in Kobani losing against ISIS and the US is where? Click Here for Story

US is Dropping the Ball

Bombings of ISIS aren’t stopping their advance on two fronts Click Here for Details

What’s the Acceptable Price?

Secretary of State John Kerry   State Dept won’t say how many people would have to contract Ebola before they shut down flights Click Here for Details



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