Sunday September 17, 2017

DACA Could Help Republicans?

Some strategists say vulnerable Republicans might benefit ? Click Here for Story

The Single Payer Issue

Bernie SandersWhere Michigan’s elected officials stand on the stupidity of Single Payer healthcare Click Here for Story

Detroit Charter Schools Outperform District School Peers On State Tests

  Charter school students in Detroit outperformed their peers in the city’s conventional school district in 15 of the 18 subjects on state tests given to all Michigan public school students last spring. … more

The Excuse Queen Gets Defensive?

Hillary’s response to questions on her husband’s AG Tarmac meeting Click Here for Details and Video

Media Pushing Fake News?

more attempts by MSM to fracture Trump base with fake claims Click Here for Details

Crossing the Line?

Ex Obama Admin officials trying to save Iran Deal? Click Here for Story

More Violence in St Louis

2nd night of violence after fair trial acquits cop in killing of criminal Click Here for Details

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