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We Haven’t Forgotten

Congressman Swalwell’s ties to Chinese Spy need to be investigated Click Here for Story


“Woke” school district teaches all white people support systemic racism Click Here for Details

Man in the Middle

Senator Joe Manchin is the key to what gets done or not done Click Here for Details

State, Media Likely Oversell Impact Of Taxpayer-Funded Business Grants

How long will a $300 state handout keep one person employed?

Its Already Here America

the 4 steps to Marxist control started in 2020 Click Here for Details

Very Big Raises For Some Rochester Schools Managers During Year of the Coronavirus

Unionized staff also saw substantial pay increasesRead more

Who Killed Haney?

Yet another mystery being hidden by the FBI? Click Here for Details

The Guy Really in Control in White House

Obama still pushing his agenda through Biden Click Here for Story

Beamed Energy?

New technology collects solar power and beams it to earth? Click Here for Details

Not Covid Relief?

Less than 1% of Democrat package is going to Covid relief? Click Here for Story

#BoycottBeijing ?

Movement growing to boycott the Beijing Olympics? Click Here for Details

One Party Media

Democrats target networks that have non-liberal viewpoints Click Here for Story

Not a Moderate nor Appropriate

Merrick Garland is a sad choice for Attorney General Click Here for Story

America’s Two Tiered Justice System

Bruce Springsteen walks away from related drunk driving charges that normal folks wouldn’t? Click Here for Details

Amnesty Is Bad

Last time it resulted in illegal immigrant surge and crime spree Click Here for Story

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