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Happy Mothers Day Moms!

Mother's Day Cards (Free) | Greetings Island

What About the American Hostages?

Biden is betraying the American hostages held by Hamas Click Here for Story

Action Not Talk… We’ve Had Enough

Mario Bartiromo tells GOP politicians enough of hearing start charging Democrats for their crimes? Click Here for Story

Bold Colors

Solar Storm brings Aurora Borealis to millions of Americans Click Here for Story


Biden’s policies are punishing Americans Click Here for Story

Up Next…

Serial liar Michael Cohen takes the stand in the phony Trump case this week Click Here for Story

Buying DC

How lobbyists and big business bought Washington DC Click Here for Details

China is Helping Russia In Ukraine

Allies in war? Click Here for Story

Big Pharma Secret?

Did the media talk about Pfizer just settling 10,000 lawsuits involving Zantac? Click Here for Details

More Support for Trump

Former NFL player and lifelong Democrat has become a Trump supporter Click Here for Story

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