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It’s A No Brainer to Be Voting for Trump Over Biden

Sage Steele opens up following ESPN ...

Sage Steele shows logical and clear reasoning for voting for Donald Trump Click Here for Story

The Real Fascist in the White House

Dark Brandon Rising | Compact

Everything the Democrats accuse Trump of Joe Biden is literally doing Click Here for Details

Anti-Eviction advocacy in Detroit due $20M In taxpayer funds

State budget provides $2.5M; the rest comes from federal budget

Infamous Icon of Contention Dead at Age of 76

OJ Simpson dead at 76 from cancer

OJ Simpson dies of cancer after a life filled with football glory and criminal activity Click Here for Story

Failing US School System

School absenteeism reaches new high Click Here for Details

You Don’t Say?

Now the FBI is worried about a terror attack in the US after 3+ years of Open Border under the Biden Admin Click Here for Story

Democrats Think Concerned Parents At School Board Meetings are Dangerous

Democrat Senator Tim Kaine compares parents angry with woke school policies are like alleged insurrectionists Click Here for Details

The Joke Is On The Media

BBC reporter gets schooled on the Climate change hoax they keep pushing Click Here for Details

Bidenomics: Drug Shortages

Add drug shortages to Joe Biden’s accomplishments Click Here for Story

Why IS “Trans” So Big Among Celebrity Kids?

It may be pretty simple really is it just a way to get more attention than their parents? Click Here for Details

Stealing Elections Has Always Been the Democrat Way

Importing and finding new voters is what Democrats do Click Here for Story

How To Ensure Fair Elections

8 ways to ensure free and fair elections Click Here for Details

Ignore the Supreme Court?

Joe Biden already ignored the Supreme Court on Student loan bailouts why wouldn’t his corrupt Special Counsel do the same? Click Here for Story

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