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Senate GOP Warns of Payback…

The Democrats may well regret their unprecedented dismissal of Mayorkas impeachment Click Here for Story

Biden and Brazil

How tied up is the Biden Admin in Brazil’s censorship of its own politicians, citizens and X(Twitter) Click Here for Details

Michigan’s efforts to boost housing are far short of what is needed

Even spending billions of dollars isn’t coming close to meeting demand

Why Can’t We Find Politicians Who Will Put America First?

Mike Johnson betrays border security for more foreign aid

Speaker Johnson like his predecessors is putting Ukraine and Israel before America Click Here for Story

Johnson Looking Swampy?

Republicans might look harder at removing Johnson as his actions get more suspicious Click Here for Story

Adding Insults On Top of Their Crimes

New York Migrants

Illegal migrants have the nerve to complain about quality of their food and free housing Click Here for Story

Why DO Democrats Hate and Fight Against Voter ID?

Because its easier for them to cheat without it Click Here for Story

Biden’s Bad Advice on Iran and Israel

The Biden Admin has funded Iran’s bad behavior and his advice to not respond to attacks is terrible Click Here for Story

Lies or Complete Dementia?

Biden’s story about his uncle being eaten by cannibals is as unreal as it comes the only question is whether he is a chronic liar or if his senility is this bad Click Here for Details

How Many Jurors Will Be Tainted?

Getting honest unbiased jurors for the Trump case is fairly improbable Click Here for Story

Last Chance?

Can America and the West save itself from its own self-induced destruction? Click Here for Details

Can SCOTUS Right the Wrongs of the DOJ?

January 6th defendants are being denied Constitutional rights and treated unfairly will the Supreme Court stop this ? Click Here for Story

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