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Super Salesman

Biden anti-gun agenda makes Americans buy more guns Click Here for Story

Great News…But Does It Actually Mean Anything?

Arizona has some good news on election fraud investigation Click Here for Story

Flint Has 29 Cents For Each Dollar Needed To Cover Pension Promises

Annual income: $100 million; total pension promises: $388 million; result: misery

What the…??

CNN Reporter says you can’t tell a baby’s gender at birth? Click Here for Details

Just Getting Started

The invasion of the US continues as another caravan heads toward the southern border Click Here for Details

Prosecute Him…

Even gun rights advocates want Hunter Biden prosecuted for breaking gun laws Click Here for Story

Sheer Ignorant Hypocrisy

AOC gets caught in her own hypocrisy and can’t handle it Click Here for Story

Good or Bad

How will looser rules on Media ownership affect the market…and the truth? Click Here for Story

How Pathetic

More cheat sheets for Joe Biden to get through interview Click Here for Story

China Threat Growing

US struggling to maintain an advantage over China militarily Click Here for Details

Clearly Its the Green New Deal

The Biden plan is just a progressive wish list that will break America Click Here for Story

Constraining Big Tech

Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott addresses the media during a press conference held at Arlington Emergency Management on March 18, 2020, in Arlington, Texas.

Texas joins Florida in attempt to stop Big Tech from censoring its residents Click Here for Details

Britain Finds Common Sense on the Social Justice Front

Impartial commission finds minorities are doing well and succeeding Click Here for Details

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