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Will Biden Investigations Finally Get Somewhere?

New whistle blower comes forward to allege a coverup? Click Here for Story

Democrats Don’t Support Women in Sports

Not one House Democrat votes to protect female sports? Click Here for Story

Why In the World Is The US Sending Aid to the Taliban?

Afghan aid seems to be going to the Taliban not the people of Afghanistan? Click Here for Story

Want to sell control of your water heater to Consumers Energy?

Monopoly power utility offers Michigan customers small-time money for shutoff privileges

Big Test for Speaker McCarthy

Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.)

Can the Speaker get all his Republican colleagues on the same page for the Debt Limit battle? Click Here for Story

It Was Election Interference

The Letter penned and signed by 51 ex-Intel officials saying the now proven Hunter Biden laptop story was disinformation did it to affect the 2020 election Click Here for Story

Elitists Have a New View for America?

Bush, Clintons and Obama team up to send migrants across America. Are they trying to replace Americans? Click Here for Story

Not Your Grandfather’s Democrat Party

Wake up Democrats your party has deserted you Click Here for Details

Blue Check Purge

Twitter is on another purge but this time its Blue Checked users who haven’t paid for the privilege Click Here for Details

Biden Sending Your Money Overseas…Again!

Biden pledges $1 billion dollars to UN for climate scam and China will be getting a lot of it? Click Here for Story

A Good Reason to Get Rid of the Department of Education

Secretary of Education can’t answer the simple question of “What is a Woman” Click Here for Details

Ballot Box Stuffing

Democrats are looking for ways to stuff ballot boxes with Democrat votes and they’re finding them in prisons Click Here for Story

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