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Biden Supports The Houthi Terrorists

Biden admin wants to reverse designation of Houthi rebel terrorists Click Here for Details

Is Nevada Turning Red?

Could the State of Nevada move away from Democrats? Click Here for Story

Going To jail for Revealing the Truth?

The corrupt Department of Justice is seeking prison time for the person who outed Ashley Biden’s diary that reveals Joe Biden’s questionable tendencies? Click Here for Story

Michigan law deems all teachers ‘effective’ by default

New teacher evaluation law replaces ‘ineffective’ rating with ‘needs support’

Another Angry Biden

Jill Biden gets testy when CBS anchor confronts her over Joe's dismal polling: 'Losing in all the battleground states'

Jill Biden gets angry when news anchor talks about Joe Biden’s ousy poll numbers Click Here for Details

Soft On Our Enemies

Why is the White House waiving sanctions on Iran? Click Here for Story

Biden Admin Pushing Toward War

Why is Secretary Anthony Blinken pushing to have Ukraine join NATO when it wil most likely lead to war in Europe? Click Here for Story and Here for more Info

A Nice Dream…

Congressman introduces bill to stop income tax. Our spendaholic Congress would never pass it Click Here for Details

Open Borders Leading to Open Election

Can we stop the millions of illegals from voting in our election? Not if the Democrats have their way Click Here for Story

IRS Will Target YOU

Middle class Americans will fel the brunt of the increase in the IRS budget and increase in IRS agents Click Here for Story

Bird Flu: Real or Another Scare Tactic from the Deep State?

Just in time for the 2024 election a new flu threat is popping up Click Here for Details

BWAHAHAHA: Haters Get Hated

Scottish Prime Minister gets trolled for his new hate crime bill when called out for his hate speech against whites in 2020 Click Here for Story

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