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Democrats Fail on Simple Safety

Failing to denounce violent protests, Antifa and BLM is costing the Democrats and Biden Click Here for Story

Destroying Small Businesses

Governor Whitmer is destroying small businesses across Michigan Click Here for Details

Whitmer’s Idea Of Bullying: Is It Small Business Politely Pleading To Reopen?

You’re A Tad Late CNN

Don Lemon has message for those 'who just want to get a haircut' - YouTube

Anchor Don Lemon now calls for Democrats to denounce riots because their poll numbers are falling Click Here for Details

Michigan Hospitals Less Full Than Nonpandemic Years

Keeping occupancy down one of the rationales of ongoing lockdowns Read more

Mainstream Media IS the Enemy of the People

Criticizing a paralyzed speaker at the RNC Click Here for Story

Monster Laura

Hurrican Laura lashes Louisiana Click Here for Story

Superintendent Gets $240K, School District Out Another $100K In Pension ‘Catch-Up Costs’ 

Past pension underfunding takes amount equal to 40% of school payrollsRead more

What Do You Expect?

If police are nto allowed to protect people and their property they will protect themselves Click Here for Details

Can’t Stop Life

Europe is going back to school despite the virus Click Here for Story

MSM Chooses China Over America

Chen Guangcheng speaks at a press conference at the U.S. Capitol in 2012, three months after arriving in the U.S. (Photo by Saul Loeb/AFP/GettyImages)

Networks cut away from convention as Chinese dissident speaks Click Here for Details

Appeasement Does NOT Work

Democrats try to appease their rioting base and its only making violence increase Click Here for Story

RNC Highlights Night 3

What did you miss at the third night of Republican convention? Click Here for Story

No Debates?

Hiding Joe

Pelosi says Joe Biden shouldn’t dfebate Trump Click Here for Story

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