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Can’t Trust Compromised Joe?

Would our country be better off if Donald Trump stayed in the White House?

Pentagon halts Biden defense briefings Click Here for Story

The Election Fraud Is Evident

Biden does not win without the fraudulent vote factors Click Here for Story

Lisa McClain Wants Election Investigation

Michigan’s newest Congresswoman sees the election fraud Click Here for Story

Under Current COVID Restrictions Michigan Could Have 5,600 Fewer Restaurants In Six Months

Thank You Coach Tommy

Senate Elect Tommy Tuberville could challenge election results in Senate Click Here for Story

Gov. Whitmer: Blame The People When Case Numbers Up, Take Credit When They Drop

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Much Ado About….

Dr.Jill Biden is not a real doctor but who really cares ? Click Here for Story

Its Called a Snow Storm…

(Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

But Democrats want to call it a climate crisis Click Here for Details

The Real Threat to the World

Chinese Communist Party is the biggest threat to the entire world Click Here for Story

Pushing Their Censorship

Omar, Tlaib and AOC want 100 percent removal of anti-Muslim content but anti-Christian content is fine? Click Here for Story

About Time?

POTUS cuts off California over abortion Click Here for Story

Twitter Admits They Were Censoring ?

Jack Dorsey before Senate

Removes hurdles post election to now allow pro Trump tweets? Click Here for Details


74 million voters are disenfranchised by election fraud Click Here for Story

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