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Good News for the Rest of Us?

Liberal California may lose seats in Congress due to people fleeing the state Click Here for Story

Some Good News for Texas

Texas National Guard troops erect razor-wire barriers near the state border with New Mexico.

Court says the Federal government can no longer destroy the State of Texas’ border fences. Why is the Federal government helping illegals anyway? Click Here for Story

Nearly half of Buick dealers opt out of EV revolution

Buyout has cost General Motors $1 billion so far

Another Backfire by Liberals

The decision by State of Colorado Supreme Court will only make Trump stronger especially if the US Supreme Court reverses it Click Here for Details

Michigan population council wants licensing reform, Whitmer doesn’t

Governor vetoed reform similar to the one her own council is recommending Read more

You Wanted Them You’ll Get Them

Texas begins flying illegals to Democrat Sanctuary cities Click Here for Details

Illegal Migrant Surge Causing Health Issues

Unvetted illegals are pouring into the country and they’re bringing disease because there are no health checks at the border Click Here for Details

Politicizing Doctors

Med Schools are propagandizing doctors instead of sticking to medical training? Click Here for Story

Guess Who Is On Your Flight?

Chances are the Federal government is putting unvetted illegals onto your airline flight Click Here for Story

2024 Financial Problems?

How bad could the economy get next year? Click Here for Story

Fetterman Not So Leftist?

Is there a chance controversial Senator John Fetterman is not the loony leftist we all thought? Click Here for Details

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