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Fani And Her Fraud?

Prosecutor Fani Willis has some explaining to do Click Here for Story

What Were They Hiding??

Capitol police turned cameras away from January 6th pipe bomb incident Click Here for Story

Fast EV adoption will shrink Michigan’s population

The quicker the transition, the deeper the job and population loss will be, says U-M forecast

Stupidity in Tennessee?

No sale of cold beer from retailers?? Click Here for Details

The Spineless Party?

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., right, and Sen. Mitt Romney, R- Utah, arrives to hear President

Wishy washy Democrat Joe Manchin and RINO panty waist Mitt Romney on a Presidential ticket? Click Here for Details

Lost Track of Illegals?

DHS is admitting they have lost track of millions of illegals they allowed in the country Click Here for Story

More Podesta Corruption?

Guess who pushed the Biden Admin to halt Natural Gas exports and guess who benefits from that? Click Here for Details

Using Threats for Political Gain

Why is it The Biden Admin and Deep State only acknowledge threats when they can gain something from it? Click Here for Story

Do You Get It Now?

American hating global elitist George Soros is buying up American radio stations to control information and the narrative to destroy America? Click Here for Story

Unlikely Nikki

Things just got worse for the Nikki Haley campaign? Click Here for Details

If The Mainstream Media Ignores a Shooting …

You can be sure it was done by a leftist Click Here for Story

Who Can You Trust in Ukraine?

Ukrainian military personnel don’t trust their own new leadership? Click Here for Details

Smaller Tax Refunds?

As if the government doesn’t steal enough of your money already? Click Here for Story

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