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Disaster Man…

Joe Biden is ruining his own chances for reelection Click Here for Story

The Gun Grab Cometh?

Biden is looking to violate your 2nd Amendment rights via executive order Click Here for Story

Rashida Tlaib Supports Terrorists

Rashida Tlaib News, Articles, Stories & Trends for Today

Only 2 Congress people voted against stopping Hama terrorists from coming to America one is a Michigan congressional Representative Click Here for Details

Do You Still Trust Vaccines?

The medical establishment is now pushing another vaccine Click Here for Story

From the Science Side…

The Moon is shrinking? Click Here for Story

Its The Governor’s Fault?

CA Governor Newsom gets blamed to his face for the shoplifting crisis in California Click Here for Details

Biden Can Fix the Border Already Why Won’t He?

Because Democrats want new voters Click Here for Story

Fighting the Globalists

Farmers in Brussels up the ante against the globalist EU agenda Click Here for Details and Here for More info

Biden to Betray Israel?

Joe Biden changes course on Osama bin Laden raid - CNNPolitics

Biden Admin will recognize the non-existent Palestinian state Click Here for Story

Oregon Goes Full Fascist

Republicans not allowed to run and be on ballots? Click Here for Details

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