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Ashli Babbit’s Murderer Identified?

The alleged killer of the only real victim of Capitol Riot is identified? Click Here for Story

Picked the Wrong Side?

Finger pointing at Minority Leader McCarthy over Republican infighting Click Here for Story

Gas, Coal, Nukes Supply 88% Of The Power Keeping Michigan’s Lights And Furnace Fans On

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Forcing teachers back to the classroom before vaccination is racist? Click Here for Details

East Lansing Officials Prospered In Epidemic

Like many Michigan local governments, state lockdowns were accompanied by big raises


Biden’s Budget Chief nomination might be hurt by her mean tweets Click Here for Story


Did POTUS Trump give up on releasing Phony Russian Collusion intel? Click Here for Story


Biden HHS nominee is laughable Click Here for Story

China Is Laughing at US

Forcing US Diplomats to anal swabs for Covid testing Click Here for Details

How to Stop Are Children from Being Brainwashed?

The educational system has been a socialist propaganda tool for a long time and we are seeing the results Click Here for Story

No Trust in Dementia Joe

Democrat House members no longer trust Joe Biden with Nuclear launch codes Click Here for Details

France Knows…

France bans mail in voting because they see the corruption and fraud Click Here for Details

China Gets the Upperhand

The Chinese know how to out negotiate Joe Biden…because they own him? Click Here for Story

Another Lying Nominee

Becerra caught in lie at hearing confirmation Click Here for Story

Racist Priorities?

Older seniors wait for vaccine while younger people of color get it? Click Here for Story

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