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Tucker Interviews Putin

What the Western Media DOESNT want you to see Click Here for Details

Putting America Last Again

Senator Chuck Schumer puts Ukraine funding ahead of US border issues Click Here for Story

Hawaii Violates the 2nd Amendment

Government of Hawaii says you have no gun rights Click Here for Details

When Michigan has 2 million EVs, how many chargers will we need?

95% of chargers would be privately owned, per U.S. Department of Energy

He Said It Out Loud

Democrat Senator Chris Murphy says Democrats care most about illegal aliens? Click Here for Story

Just Mentally Unfit But Not Guilty?

The two tiered justice system deals with Biden waaaay different than Trump Click Here for Story

Lost American Dream

Less than half of American satisfied with their lives? Click Here for Details

Bring Out the Biden Vote Whores?

Biden doesn’t go to Dearborn to talk with Muslim voters but will send his campaign staff Click Here for Story

Biden the Anti-Semite?

Biden caught name calling on one of our nation’s allies? Click Here for Details

Do Even the SCOTUS Liberal Justices See the Stupidity of States Trying to Remove Candidates From National Ballots

Liberal Justice asks pointed question at SCOTUS hearing on Trump removal from Colorado ballot Click Here for Details

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