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Biden’s Tyranny

The Biden Admin is making State and local HUD recipients submit woke “equity” plans Click Here for Story

Long Overdue

Congressman Matt Gaetz introduces legislation to get rid of the anti-Constitutional ATF Click Here for Details

Michigan has 37% of the auto jobs it had at its peak

Elissa Slotkin says Michigan’s auto jobs are “back on top.” But Michigan is far from the good old days

Migration report shows Michigan is shedding people

Michigan is the fifth most-left state in 2022. In a decade-plus, Michigan has never gained more people than it lost Read more

Scientific Fact Not Heeded By Minnesota Legislator?

“Not all students menstruate are female?” The stupidity of our legislators in outrageous Click Here for Story

The Open Border IS Killing Our Children

Biden’s open border is leading to a surge in Fentanyl deaths of children under 14 Click Here for Details

Time to Charge Ex-Intel Officials for Lying?

Intel official signed off on The Hunter Biden Laptop as being fake when he knew it was real Click Here for Story

Good Riddance to New Zealand Fascist

Prime Minister Jancinda Ardern unexpectantely resigns? Click Here for Details

Florida Turning the Corner?

People talk before the start of a rally against "critical race theory" (CRT) being taught in schools at the Loudoun County Government center in Leesburg, Virginia on June 12, 2021. - "Are you ready to take back our schools?" Republican activist Patti Menders shouted at a rally opposing anti-racism teaching …

Florida College system’s Presidents are turning against woke CRT Click Here for Details

Debt Ceiling Reached…Yet Again. How Irresponsible Can Our Government Get with Spending?

What next? Click Here for Story

Yea I’m Sure He Has Clearance for Classified Docs?

Hunter Biden hanging out with Joe Biden’s illicit classified documents? Click Here for Details

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