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Constitutional CRISIS

SCOTUS decision upholding the Federal government’s refusal to protect the Texas border has now lead to a Constitutional Crisis and Red State Governors are standing by Texas Click Here for Story


Kamala Harris thinks her low approval ratings are because she hasn’t taken credit for Biden Admin’s results?? Click Here for Details

Grand Rapids community lodge receives $6M from Michigan taxpayers

Part of a $90M bonanza for Michigan’s second-largest city and its suburbs

Is There More to This Story?

What could be worse than bribing someone not to run for high public office? Click Here for Details

Two Tiered Justice

Another conservative gets jail time for ignoring a Congressional Subpoena so why does Hunter Biden get off Scott free? Click Here for Story

AI Programming: Garbage In Garbage Out…

"The Terminator." Orion Pictures

AI is what it is programmed to be Click Here for Details

China Taking Over the EV Market?

The front seats of the Aito M9 SUV can be adjusted to create reclining chairs for the second row. Passengers can watch a movie on the roll-down projector screen while storing drinks in a refrigerator compartment.

Are Chinese EV manufacturers now in the lead on Electric vehicles? Click Here for Story

Executive Gun Grabber

Biden Admin uses more executive orders to infringe your 2nd Amendment rights Click Here for Story

Hmmm Guess Its Not Just Men?

Female US Army Commander fired for sexually harrassing and abusing male soldiers? Click Here for Details

A Really One Sided Relationship

Biden Admin funds Iranian terror and gives them intel while they attack our US servicemen Click Here for Story

Mandates for EVs Are Just Wrong

Putting the cart before the horse Click Here for Details

The World Is Under Attack…

By the corporate and political global elite Click Here for Story

Is There Any War Biden Is Not Willing to Start?

Poor foreign policy choices is endangering the US and the World Click Here for Details

Election Cheating

Democrat wins after ballot box stuffing? Click Here for Story

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