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The DC Leaker

Rep. Adam Schiff reveals impeachment regrets, tensions at Capitol after  Jan. 6 : NPR

Rep Adam Schiff is DC’s most notorious leaker its good he’s no longer on Intel Committee Click Here for Story

The GOP Elite Doesn’t Get It

GOP Elite don’t support Trump even though the voters do Click Here for Story

Hammer Time

Paul Pelosi Attack: San Francisco Judge Orders Release of Pelosi Attack  Video | National Review

Video of Paul Pelosi incident will be divulged per the court Click Here for Story

Fat Americans

Have Americans forgot what single serving means? Click Here for Story

Getting Rid of IRS and Income Tax…And the Democrats Don’t Like It

Hakeem Jeffries: Speaker of the Establishment

A National sales tax could get rid of Income tax and make life more fair but the Democrats don’t want that Click Here for Story

Schumer Wants To Continue His Spending Spree

Doesn’t like Republicans asking for responsible spending Click Here for Details

Boycott Direct TV

Direct TV canceling conservative news channels Click Here for Story

Time to Clean House…

Rep Stefanik knows the Deep State permeates the Federal government and they must be cleaned out to end corruption Click Here for Details

How Could She Not Know???

Embarrassing: Another Biden Judicial nominee doesn’t know the Constitution how incompetent are Biden judicial nominees Click Here for Story

And He Wonders Why?

Adam Schiff uses China owned Tik Tok to complain about being booted off Intel Committee Click Here for Story

Saying It Out Loud

Biden is pushing for World War III Click Here for Story

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