The News YOU Need to Know Friday January 6, 2023

10 Fails…

McCarthy suffers eighth defeat in bid for House speaker as stalemate drags  on | House of Representatives | The Guardian

And Counting? McCarthy Still floundering for Speakership Click Here for Details

Hurting Individual Property Rights

Biden Admin is pushing the Clean Waters Act which will regulate more water…including puddles on your property? Click Here for Story

Stabenow Retiring

US Senator for Michigan has announced her retirement Click Here for Story

Hohman: Is a tax hike coming in 2023?

In Michigan, state government does not need more revenue, but will Lansing come for taxpayer money anyway?

Border Solution? NOT!

Biden Admin says its solution to the border crisis is a phone app that allows illegals to request and claim asylum?? Click Here for Story

Biden Admin Endangering Your Retirement Savings?

New rule changes are not good for the average worker Click Here for Details

How About Scalise?

Should the GOP give up on McCarthy and look at Steve Scalise? Click Here for Story

Kept His Promise

The Strange Saga of Matt Gaetz, or How Not to Handle a Crisis | Vogue

Rep Matt Gaetz nominated President Trump for the speaker position in the 7th round of voting after saying he would for months Click Here for Story

Putin’s Ceasefire?

Vladimir Putin ordered a ceasefire in the Ukraine conflict for the Orthodox holiday but Ukraine won’t follow it? Click Here for Details

Good Riddance?

Face from 2022 we will not miss Click Here for Story

Clueless Ronna

GOP chairwoman says 'a lot of states' have called about hosting party  convention | The Hill

RNC leader just doesn’t get that she has failed and badly Click Here for Details

Media is In on The Climate Scam

The green agenda is front and center in the media because the media gets paid for it? Click Here for Details

Victory for Free Speech

Teacher wearing MAGA hat at work trainings wins in court Click Here for Story

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