The News YOU Need to Know Friday July 3, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

The Next Epstein?

Epstein accomplice Ghislane Maxwell arrested by FBI…how long will she live? Click Here for Story


2nd Shut Down Begins

Governor Whitmer plays the Democrat shut down card Click Here for Story

2nd Amendment is for All

Black community also has a good history for gun ownership Click Here for Details

Whitmer: Keep In Your Seats In Bars

Walking around a restaurant or bar is a crime unless ordering or using the restroomC

State Regulator Claims Alcohol Market Manipulation Makes Us Safer; Data Says Not

No difference in health and safety between heavy control states and those without it

Watch Your Drinking?

Excessive alcohol could make covid infection easier? Click Here for Details

Beating the Covid Drum

MSM and liberals pushing covid ahead of election Click Here for Story

The People’s Sheriff

Florida Sheriff says he will deputize gun owners to protect his community? Click Here for Story

Punish Leakers

Senator Rand Paul asks who is benefitting from these leaks? Click Here for Story

Biden’s Communist VP Candidate?

Democrats are ok with communists for Vice President Click Here for Story

Over Blowing Corona

Its time to stop with the lock down nonsense Click Here for Story

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