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DemocRats Get Another Political Prisoner

The weaponized justice system will put another America First Trump supporter in jail Click Here for Story

Adverse Events?

Exactly what have the Covid vaccines been doing to the human body? Click Here for Details

Data counter Whitmer’s claim of growing Michigan

Since 2020, Michigan ranks 49th in job growth

The FBI’s Transgender Agenda

Why is the FBI pressuring Nashville police to keep transgender shooter’s manifesto hidden? Click Here for Story

Indict the Treasonous Liars

The January 6th Sham Congressional Committee needs to be investigate and charges for their cover up crimes Click Here for Story

And Another Weaponized Federal Department

President Joe Biden takes the stage at a campaign rally at Girard College on May 29, 2024

FCC is now just a campaign arm of Biden and the Democrats Click Here for Details


Joe Biden says he won’t pardon his son Hunter if convicted? Click Here for Story

Dementia Joe

Biden embarrasses the US again on the international stage Click Here for Story

Expel Rashida

Its past time to expel America haters from Congress Click Here for Details

Your Jobs…Going to Illegals

Wall Street admits it, most jobs are going to illegal immigrants? Click Here for Story

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