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Biden To Blame for Bank Failures

When you run an economy into the ground with bad government policies you can expect banks and companies to fail Click Here for Story

Farmer’s Get Big Win in Netherlands

Why we should pay attention to the farmers protesting in the Netherlands.

Globalist agenda that was about to destroy the famers of the Netherland faces huge loss after election Click Here for Details

Whitmer budget would slash funding for online charter schools

Whitmer’s 2024 budget proposes a 20% funding cut for Michigan’s online charter schools

The Results of Weakness

Full video of Russia attacking US drone because they know the Biden Admin and Pentagon will do nothing? Click Here for Story

Michigan House energy work group aims to address power outages

And three other takeaways from the House Energy Committee’s hearing on mass outages in Michigan Read more

Dirty Tricks Democrats

Democrat Senator Gary Peters is preventing votes on GOP amendments in Homeland Security committee? Click Here for Story

Can The House GOP Stand Up on Debt Ceiling Issue?

Debt and spending is spiraling out of control can the Republicans pull in the reins? Click Here for Details

Soviet Stanford…

Stanford law students have become effective communists and propagandists from their continuous indoctrination at the hands of liberal professors Click Here for Story

Chinese Influence in America

News Wrap: Karen Bass elected as mayor of Los Angeles | PBS NewsHour

From big cities to local municipalities the Chinese are buying influence in America Click Here for Details

Air Scare…

What is happening to flights in American skies? Click Here for Story

Wind Farms Hurting Whales?

Is the sudden increase in whale deaths because of offshore wind farms? Click Here for Details

Survival of the Fittest…Banks?

Should bailouts happen or should woke unhealthy banks be allowed to fail? Click Here for Story

Housing Crisis?

Is it the next economic disaster caused by Joe Biden? Click Here for Details

Admitting What the Rest of Us Have Known?

U.S. Border Chief Raul Ortiz  contradicts DHS Secretary Mayorkas that the DHS does NOT have control of the US border Click Here for Details

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