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Out Of Touch

Biden thinks his policies are fighting inflation?? Click Here for Story

SCOTUS Says No to Race Based Gerrymandering

A big blow to Democrats looking for political edge in elections Click Here for Story

Whitmer Will Work With Anyone For ‘New Era Of Prosperity’ — But Won’t Sign Tax Cut Bill

Democrats Support Child Porn?

Its getting clearer and clearer Click Here for Story

Michigan’s School Pension Fund Has A Great Year In The Market

A large $15.8 billion gain knocked down the level of underfunding by 31%Read more

Dems Will Push Forward with an Unqualified SCOTUS Nominee

Another obvious destruction of US institutions Click Here for Details

Just Stop Already

Airline CEOs tell Biden to stop with the useless mask mandates on flights Click Here for Details

Humor IS Verboten?

politics jack dorsey nazi Memes & GIFs - Imgflip

Fascist censoring social media Twitter won’t let Babylon Bee’s humor go unpunished Click Here for Story

What Is Dick Durbin Trying to Hide?

Senator Durbin stops Senator Cruz from questioning SCOTUS nominee over her troubling rulings on child porn cases Click Here for Details

Follow the Money

Who really benefits from the Russian Ukraine conflict? Click Here for Story


The Bidens and Clintons got rich and Russia got stronger Click Here for Details

The Dangers of an Open Border

Its not just human trafficking, illegals and drugs…its terrorism being allowed to cross openly into the US Click Here for Details

The Obvious Question

How can a SOTUS member be able to judge a sex or gender case if she can’t define “Woman”? Click Here for Story

Merkel Is Partly to Blame for Russia

Her policies like Biden’s, only strengthen and encouraged Putin’s aggressive behavior ?Click Here for Details

The Nuclear Threat?

Is NATO and the US treading lightly to stop nuke problems or is that encouraging it Click Here for Story

Politically Disgusting

Dr. Mehmet Oz, left, President Joe Biden, center, and Herschel Walker, right.

Biden Admin wants Dr Oz and Herschel Walker to resign from the Presidential Council and Physical Fitness Click Here for Details

The Real Agenda

The entire failing Biden Presidency is planned and meant to put the Great Reset into place…you won’t like it Click Here for Details

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