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Will There Be Retribution?

Will the Deep State traitors to the United States Constitution and people be finally tried and Punished?

It WAS A Lab Leak

The government, Fauci and the media said lab leak was a conspiracy it wasn’t. They lied to you Click Here for Story

Political Trials: Is Biden the New Stalin?

Even CNN is telling you the Trump trials are just political witch hunts Click Here for Details

Auditor blasts People Mover finances

Detroit Transportation Corp. rife with financial issues, according to audit

Crooked Garland

Its a good thing this pathetic political hack never got on the Supreme Court House Judiciary holds AG Garland in contempt of Congress Click Here for Story

Pope Communist Shows He’s Really Anti-Christian

FILE PHOTO: Pope Francis attends the weekly general audience in Saint Peter Square at the Vatican, May 15, 2024. REUTERS/Ciro De Luca/File Photo

The Pope slams American conservative Catholics for being real Catholics and following their faith Click Here for Details

Can The Netherlands Be Saved

Geert Wilders forms new government and will put strict immigration into place Click Here for Story

Biden On the Wrong Side Again

Why is Joe Biden always supporting terrorists? Click Here for Details

Biden Invokes Special Privilege

But Trump isn’t allowed it? Click Here for Details

Rigged Debates?

Trump agrees to debates despite liberal media channels, liberal moderators and any other advantages they can give to Biden Click Here for Story And Here for More Info

Gallego Is Wrong for Arizona

Flip flopping Democrat Senate candidate will say anything to get elected Click Here for Story

Duh…Wokeness Won’t Matter in War

If China starts a war none of this DEI stuff matters and even the woke know it Click Here for Details

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