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The Face of Fascism

AOC wants to go after another Supreme Court Justice Click Here for Story

Is It Possible?

Could Blue New York actually turn to Trump? Click Here for Details

Democrat Media Lies

Donald Trump says he will not restrict birth control Click Here for Details

Another Big Problem For Boeing?

Possibility o exploding fuel tanks? Click Here for Story

Chinese Invasion?

Its not South or Central Americans rushing the border Click Here for Details

Democrat Shenanigans

Senate Leader Schumer wants to revisit the border bill with still open border numbers to fool voters Click Here for Story

The Cost of A Chinese Invasion of Taiwan?

Chip makers say they have a kill switch for computer chip manufacturing if China invades China and the world will pay for it not just China Click Here for Details

Universities Are Failing Us…

DEI is destroying America’s chance of having good competent Doctors Click Here for Story

Who Are the REAL Colonizers

Stop blaming the whites and the West Islam has been colonizing and expanding for much longer and it still is Click Here for Story

Non-Citizens Voting

Up to 2.7 million illegals might vote in 2024? Click Here for Story

John Kerry: Traitor to the Republic

negotiations nothing new for John Kerry

DId John Kerry block FBI arrests of Iranian terrorists? Click Here for Story

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