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Social Media Executive Order

President signs order to look at protections for Social media giants that continue to censor and discriminate Click Here for Story

Michigan Coronavirus Status

Latest update on Covid 19 and lock down status Click Here for Story

Lawsuit Filed Against Whitmer’s Plans That Could Imprison Business Owners Who Defy Executive Orders

Guns Save Lives

Man saves wife from being beaten to death by using his handgun Click Here for Story

State’s Top Medic Says COVID Cases Low, But ‘All Of The Risk’ Not Gone

When will ‘all of the risk’ ever be gone?

Lock downs Made No Difference?

 The study shows the infection rates in numerous countries continuing to fall after lockdown were eased

JP Morgan study says the lock downs made no difference in coronavirus but killed millions of jobs? Click Here for Story

Retire Early?

Senator Graham urges older conservative judges to step down so they can be replaced during a Trump Administration? Click Here for Details

Minneapolis Riots

Protests, riots and looting following police killing of George Floyd Click Here for Story

China Must Pay the Price

Graffiti on a wall in Hong Kong. (Photo by Anthony Wallace/AFP via Getty Images)

Seizure of Hong Kong on top of Covid 19 infection put China in world’s crosshairs? Click Here for Details

Twitter’s Failure

Jock Dorsey admits twitter has failed to be impartial Click Here for Story

The Coup

FISA used to try and undo the people’s choice of President Click Here for Details

A Liberal Not to Trust

Obama CDC boss is not the guy to put in charge of contact tracing? Click Here for Story

Fighting for Their Freedom

Thousands protest against China’s takeover of Hong Kong Click Here for Story

Joe Biden’s SCOTUS Picks?

Another reason to not vote for Joe Biden Click Here for Details

Pelosi Pulls FISA Vote

Threat of President’s veto? Click Here for Story

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