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Musk Garners Support

Elon Musk in 2022 Faces Many Roadblocks at Tesla, SpaceX - Bloomberg

Who is investing with Elon in Twitter Click Here for Story

Deranged Democrats

Democrats threatening yet another industry Click Here for Details

Threatening SCOTUS

The left is now threatening SCOTUS judges for supporting the Constitution Click Here for Details

Blackmailing Congressman?

Madison Cawthorn says 'blackmail won't win' after nude video surfaces |  Washington Examiner

Why all the hit jobs on Rep Cawthorn because he squealed on dirty Congressional members? Click Here for Story

China’s Strategy for Domination?

Spend billions to buy ports, politicians and now entire countries ? Click Here for Story

What Are They Scared Of?

Sham January 6th Committee won’t televise Rudy Giuliani testimony because they are afraid of Americans seeing the truth Click Here for Story

Global Food Crisis

Millions could starve globally Click Here for Story

Helping Till It Hurts

The Pentagon may be hurting itself by sending so many Javelins to Ukraine Click Here for Story

Biden the Baby Killer?

Biden throws support behind abortionists Click Here for Story

Impeach the DHS Secretary?

Border agents and their union are not happy with Secretary Mayorkas Click Here for Story

A Great Question

Why haven’t we seen the Epstein Maxwell client list? Click Here for Story

Financial Stupidity

Is Joe Biden the man to take on Donald Trump? His chances may not be as  strong as they seem

Biden buys High and Sells Low when it comes to the Strategic Oil Reserve Click Here for Details

That’s Colorado Liberal

The State of Colorado just gets more liberal by the day Click Here for Story

Ukraine Updates

Animated map of Ukrainian Russian battles Click Here for Details

USA On the Edge of Survival

Will the 2022 election be a correction back to normalcy or will America go over the socialist edge ? Click Here for Story

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