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Wasting His Money…And Our Time

Mike Pence seems to be gearing up for a Presidential run but his support will be negligible as most conservatives see him as a pathetic elitist at best and treasonous at worst Click Here for Story


Biden claimed averting the railroad strike as a success but he failed on this task too. The strike is looming for December 9th Click Here for Details

Tables Finally Turning at Twitter?

Liberal account finally gets suspended for threatening conservatives? Click Here for Story

Its Obvious…

Merrick Garland wants to eliminate Trump from running for the Presidency. He’s doing the dirty work for the DC elite who are scared of 4 more years of exposing Washington DC’s corruption Click Here for Story

Two Tiered Justice

Why isn’t Democrat donor Sam Bankman-Fried being arrested for his financial fraud? Click Here for Story

Mocking Biden

Iran knows Bide is weak and suffering from dementia and they openly mock him for it as they play games with the nuclear “deal” Click Here for Details

More Lies and Division From Nancy Pelosi

Blaming conservatives for attacks against the LGBTQ community is disingenuous and damaging to the country Click Here for Story

Voting Oddity Points to Voter Fraud in AZ?

How could down ballot Republicans in Arizona get hundreds of thousands more votes than the high profile Republicans? It doesn’t make sense Click Here for Story

Ray Epps Was An FBI Asset or Employee?

More video points to January 6th instigator being part of a FBI scheme? Why isn’t he in jail like others if he isn’t Click Here for Details

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