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Loss of Power Imminent?

Power Grid operator warns that the upcoming shut downs of coal fired power plants could limit electricity to Americans Click Here for Story

Riots in Ireland After Mass Stabbing Attack on Children

Residents of Dublin rioted after a mass knife attack on civilians and children allegedley by an immigrant Click Here for Story

Ford pares back Marshall plant, and state incentives will follow

Automaker will hire 800 fewer people than planned; investment will shrink by $1.3 billion Read more

Super Pigs?

Destructive deer-eating 'super pigs' invade northern US from Canada

Canadian hybrid pigs that have gone feral are breeding, endangering native species and moving into the US Click Here for Story

Circling the Wagons?

Biden and his remaining Democrat allies are calling for critical comments by other Democrats to stop Click Here for Details

Bidenomics: Destroying the American Dream

Poll shows Americans feel their dreams are being destroyed by Biden and Democrat policies? Click Here for Story

Another Win for the Right in Europe

Geert Wilders and conservatives win big in Dutch Elections as the voting population finally see the problems with EU mass immigration Click Here for Details

Temporary Cease Fire Starts

A temporary cease fire in Gaza begins as some hostages are released Click Here for Story

EV Fantasy

Biden and the Democrats plan for only EVs on the road is a fantasy that is impossible to implement with current technology Click Here for Story


How badly has the Biden Admin been hiding information from investigative committees? Click Here for Story

Government is Hiding Manifestos of Shooters?

The message in shooters manifestos doesn’t match the woke agenda of government so they try to hide it Click Here for Details

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