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Is politicized Attorney General Merrick Garland a law officer in name only? Click Here for Story

Bwahaha, Classic!

Los Angeles firefighter wipes his butt with vaccine mandate order Click Here for Story

Liberty, Prosperity and Humility on Thanksgiving

A Thanksgiving Proclamation in George Washington’s own words

The Fear Mongering Continues?

Media and Elites begin the newest Covid strain fears Click Here for Story

Detroit Schools’ New Adviser: Schools ‘Product Of Interconnected History Of Racism And Bias’

Michigan nonprofit paid $125,000 to bring in the groupRead more

Are You Getting Suspicious Yet?

Redefining “Fully Vaccinated” to include the never ending newest booster shots? Click Here for Story

The Rich Getting Richer

In the Covid economy the elites get wealthier Click Here for Details

Covid Truth? Watch and Learn

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Wokeness Makes Your World More Dangerous

Woke prosecutors and bad bail policies are getting people killed Click Here for Story

Bye Bye Communist

Hard to believe that the Biden Admin actually put up a full communist for Senate approval Click Here for Story

The Migrant Agenda

Is mass immigration becoming a weapon? Click Here for Details

Even the Variants Have Variants?

None of this is making a whole lot of sense Click Here for Story

Lockdowns and Vaccines Don’t Work

So why are western governments pushing more of it? Click Here for Story

Why You Need the 2nd Amendment

Australia setting up concentration camps for the unvaccinated? Click here for Details

He Didn’t kill Himself

Latest evidence shows Epstein was not suicidal Click Here for Story

China Threatening Again

US visit to Taiwan sparks more threats from China Click Here for Story

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