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The Kraken

Sidney Powell releases the troves of voter fraud info in courts Click Here for Details

Anndd….Proof Positive

Video admission of election fraud Click Here for Story

Mountains of Evidence

Trump team has huge amounts of election fraud evidence Click Here for Details

Liberty, Prosperity and Humility on Thanksgiving

As we celebrate Thanksgiving today, the words of President George Washington provide some guidance as to why the holiday was formalized, but also reminds us that peace, opportunity and liberty are central to why we should give thanks.

The Biden Crime Family

Computer repair shop owner who exposed the Hunter Biden laptop disappears Click Here for Story

Four Bars And Restaurants Fined And Three Others Have Liquor Licenses Suspended For COVID Violations

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Democrats complain about Flynn pardon after falsely prosecuting him for four years Click Here for Story

Education Nonprofit Repeats, Again, Unsupported Claim About School Funding

It claims poor and minority schools in Michigan get less, when they actually get more Read

Where Democrats Want Us

Millions of Americans are continuing to line up at food banks ahead of Thanksgiving today. Pictured: Queues outside Food Bank Community Kitchen for Food Bank for New York meals

Food lines is what Democrat policies bring Click Here for Details

First Time Voters

And infrequent voters are courted by both sides Click Here for Details

The Criminal Left

Joe Biden

A Biden Admin will fill the swamp back to capacity Click Here for Details

Socialism Failed in America the First Time

Pilgrims tried it and almost starved to death Click Here for Story

Destroying the Second Amendment

From taxes to regulations Biden gun plan will rob Americans of their rights and destroy the gun industry Click Here for Details

Media Won’t Cover Masking Facts

Public not getting real information Click Here for Story

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