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Yes, Its Biden’s Fault

Even Democrat Senator Joe Manchin blames the Biden Admin for delaying important Gulf Oil Leases Click Here for Story

One of Us?

All you need to know about Speaker Mike Johnson | The Hill

Americans like the fact that new Speaker Mike Johnson isn’t a rich connected fat cat Click Here for Story

Government Prospers While Taxpayers Suffer

Democrat big government policies are destroying the economy and taxpayers while government bureaucrats get fat at the trough Click Here for Details

Case closed: Flint Water Crisis ends without a single prosecution

Nessel distances herself from failed effort; Michigan taxpayers have spent $60M; the final bill will be bigger

Weak Republicans?

“Go along to get along” House Republicans show why they fail to help the American people or a conservative agenda Click Here for Story

Democrats Side with IRS Over the American People or Israel

Once again Democrats put themselves and their bureaucrats ahead of the American people and our ally Israel Click Here for Details

From the Science Side…

Earth’s earliest collision may have evidence beneath our feet Click Here for Story

National Archives Is Another Corrupted Federal Agency

The National Archives is withholding evidence of Joe Biden’s pseudonym emails from investigators Click Here for Story


Columbia University students turn their back on Hillary Clinton Click Here for Story

What in the World??

The US and other western nations are funding the Taliban and their terrorist activities in a huge way Click Here for Details

Egypt Knows…

There are terrorists among evacuees from Gaza and that part of their hesitancy to open the border for refugees Click Here for Story

Hmmm. Overturned What?

Election overturned due to election fraud go figure Click Here for Story

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